D356 Fairy Tale Village with Castle

Size: 16.10 x 42

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D356 Fairy Tale Village with Castle 17' x 43'

D356 Fairy Tale Village with Castle is an enchanting backdrop that is perfect for shows such as “Shrek“, “Sleeping Beauty“, “Cinderella” or “Beauty and the Beast“. The design is lively and colorful features quaint stucco buildings with a dirt road leading to the charming white hilltop castle. Perfect for the Knights and Ladies of forever tymes! D356 Fairy Tale Village with Castle is hand-painted on muslin and measures 17 feet high by 43 feet wide. It has grommets across the top with tie lines and a pocket in the back on the bottom so you can weight the drop with a pole or chain if you choose.

“Your backdrop is beautiful and our young players loved having it to support their performance.   It really elevated the production value of our show, and freed our volunteer artistic team to focus on our flats and wagons.  Thanks for much for making the whole process so easy and pleasant!”  Patricia M., North Main Street Elementary Drama Club
“Always enjoy working with your company and staff. The drops looked great and early arrival is a big plus!”  Amy H., New Albany Theatre Arts

D356 Fairy Tale Village with Castle Weekly Rental Price (Does not include shipping costs):

Regular Price:  $550            Schools/Non-Profits:  $450

Need additional weeks? Call 913-648-8125 for pricing.

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