D1010 Elephant Graveyard

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Size: 20h x 50w
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Description: D1010 Elephant Graveyard is a theatrical backdrop designed for the graveyard scene in The Lion King. With large elephant tusks and humongous skeletons rising from the African Savannah with it’s vast pink/orange skyline it is both slightly frightening and charmingly whimsical. Your students and audience alike will be enamored with this fun, scary scene!

The picture shown is a rendering by Designer David McClain who will also be painting the drop. D1010 Elephant Graveyard is currently in production and will be ready for the Fall Theatre Season. Once we have a photo of the actual drop, we will replace the one pictured.

D1010 Elephant Graveyard will be hand-painted on muslin. It will have grommets across the top with tie lines and a pocket on the bottom back so you can weight the drop with a chain or pipe if you choose.

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