D435 Peter Pan Act Curtain Scrim

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Size: 19.5h x 49w
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Description: Description: Peter Pan Act Curtain – Scrim to be used as the show curtain for Peter Pan the Musical. The Peter Pan Act Curtain  is painted in blues, golds, beige and black with the title of the show dark green on a beige scroll.  Peter Pan Act Curtain measures 17 feet high and 45 feet wide.  The advantage of using scrims is that when lit from the front they appear mostly opaque to the audience, until a change in stage lighting (lighting from behind) makes them almost fully transparent. Scrims have a rectangular weave that is similar in size in its openings and design to a window screen. There are grommets at the top of the scrim with tie lines and there is a pocket on the bottom in the back for weighting with a pole if you choose.

*Please note: This backdrop is a scrim. They are very fragile and require special handling and should not be left to students to hang or fold. Repairs for damages start at a minimum of $100.

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