D939 Elegant Ballroom Legs

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Description: Elegant Ballroom Legs is a stunning theatrical backdrop that is frequently used for the Nutcracker. It could also be used for any production requiring an Elegant Ballroom setting such as Swan Lake. Elegant Ballroom Legs has light grey marble pillars and lush red drapes with gold fringe and tassels. It is perfect on it’s own and even more gorgeous when paired with one of our full sized ballrooms, such as D804 Elegant Ballroom Grey or D413 Stately Ballroom. Elegant Ballroom Legs is 20' high.  Both legs have grommets across the top with tie lines for hanging. They also have a pocket on the bottom in the back that can be used to weight the drops with a pipe if you desire.

When rented with Ballroom backdrop:  $325

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