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Welcome to our Website! Our goal is to provide you with the perfect backdrop to enhance your production. We offer both complete packages of drops as well as individual drops. If you are looking for one of more backdrops for a particular show you can search our Show Backdrops page. If you are looking for a particular scene or something to enhance your event, you might want to search our Categories/Themes page. For Dance Companies be sure to check out our Dance backdrops and if you are a Ballet Company our much sought after Nutcracker drops are a must!

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We’re Conjuring Up the Addams Family!

Our first backdrop is here for our Addams Family package!

ED1061 Home Exterior for Addams Family 20x50

ED 1041 Home Exterior is the first in a package of drops by Scenic Designer Greg Hill (Beauty and the Beast, Guys and Dolls, Once Upon a Mattress) for the Addams Family Musical. We will bring you the rest of the designs as they become available.

 Our Newest Ballroom is Here!

D1037 Versailles Ballroom 20x50

D1037 Versailles Ballroom with Statues is a beautiful French Renaissance Ballroom has white walls with soft gold and blue accents and lovely Baroque statues complementing the room. Be one of the first to use this gorgeous drop which is the newest in our ballroom series!

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