D422 Emerald City Exterior 20\' x 50\'

D422 Emerald City

D122 Forest  17\' x 42\'

D122 Forest

D200 Amusement Park  17 x 43

D200 Amusement Park

Once Upon a Mattress

Once Upon a Mattress

D491 Broadway  20 x 50

D491 Broadway

D330 Technicolor Sky - Cyc  17 x 43

D330 Sky Cyc

D147 Wizard\'s Chamber - Tab 17.5 x 20

D147 Wizards Chamber

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Kenmark Backdrops offers a large collection of backdrops for every occasion. We have numerous individual drops that can be used in a variety of situations as well as show packages that provide a series of drops for your favorite musicals.

With over 800 backdrops to choose from, we have tried to make it easier to find exactly the drop you are looking for.  We also have a large variety of scrims, portals, border and legs, leg sets and cycs available!

From corporate events to theatrical productions, dance recitals and proms, Kenmark has the backdrop you need! Our gorgeous backdrops are hand-painted and true works of art. You will want to check back frequently as new designs are constantly added to our inventory.


What’s New?

Mary Poppins is dropping in at Kenmark!

Mary Poppins Act Curtain

Act Curtain





In our recent survey, the #1 show our customers wanted to see us do was MARY POPPINS. So, we asked Scenic Designer Xiaogang zhu to take on the challenge. Zhu is designing a package for the show and the first two renderings are in! We’d thought we’d share with you his fun Act Curtain and beautiful rooftop design for the chimney sweep scene. Once the designs are complete they will go to production to be painted. We expect the package to be available by the fall of 2014.

Mary Poppins Rooftop

Well, Hello Dolly!

ED914 HD Act Curtain  20' x 48'


Scenic Designer Jason Phillips (ANNIE, LEGALLY BLONDE, LITTLE MERMAID) is once again weaving his magic with a lovely new package for HELLO DOLLY that will definitely have the “room swayin’!  This set of six gorgeous full-sized drops and 1 portal will be available in both 20′ x 48′ and 17′ x 45′ sizes. Your show will be “lookin’ swell” with the elegant detail and stylish color palette offered by this beautifully coordinated set! Once the designs are completed, the backdrops will be painted by Master Scenic Artist  Susan Crabtree and are scheduled to be ready to rent by late Spring 2014.

Newest Individual Backdrop!

D750 Drive-In Theater  20' x 50'




This fun backdrop by Designer David McClain takes you back to a simpler time with warm summer nights at the Drive-In! Perfect for 50′s event or dance revue D750 Drive-In Theater will be available in a 20′ x 50′ size by Spring, 2014.


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