SHREK, THE MUSICAL – Package 2 – 20 x 50*

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SHREK, THE MUSICAL - Package 2 - 20 x 50*


Shrek, the Musical – New! Beautifully hand-painted theatrical backdrops designed to provide continuity and quality to your “SHREK” set. 

These gorgeous drops are designed by Scenic Designer Gregory Hill and will be hand-painted by Master Scenic Artist Susan Crabtree. The full-size drops measure 20′ x 48′.  Each drop has grommets and tie lines across the top and a pocket at the bottom so you can insert a pole to weight the drop.

“I really appreciate everyone’s help and flexibility to help make our show a success.”  — Kenneth Ferlito, Euclic High School

Shrek Package 2 includes Up to 11 Drops with a MINIMUM ORDER of  6 full-size drops: ED927 Act Curtain* – Scrim  $550;  ED934 Forest Tall Trees – $495;  ED931 Country Road  $495;  ED937 Forest – BORDER/LEGS $395;  ED932 Swamp (Shrek’s House)  $495;  ED933 Duloc Castle Exterior  $495;  ED938 Fiona’s Tower – TAB  $395;  ED930 Dungeon – TAB  $395;  ED929 Castle Interior* (Cut Drop)  $495;  ED936 Dragon’s Lair  $495;  ED935  Stained Glass Window – TAB  $395.  Full Package $5,100. Special -Save 10% by Ordering the Total Package (all 11 drops): $4,590.

All full-size backdrops and portals are 20′ x 50‘, the Dungeon Tab, Fiona’s Tower Tab and Stained Glass Window Tab are 20′ x 30′.

Show Packages are only rented as a package; the backdrops are not rented individually unless notated on the package detail. Please contact us for specific details for each Show Package.

*Can’t do the whole package? Check out our numerous individual backdrops for Shrek!*

For additional information, visit our Rental Policies page.

All prices are for a one week rental (Monday to Monday). A $500 deposit is required on all packages. Shipping is an additional charge.  Renting for more than one week? Call 913-648-8125 for pricing!

*Please note: This package contains a scrim. They are very fragile and require special handling. Repairs for damages start at a minimum of $100.

The advantage of using scrims is that when lit from the front they appear mostly opaque to the audience, until a change in stage lighting (lighting from behind) makes them almost fully transparent. Scrims have a rectangular weave that is similar in size in its openings and design to a window screen.

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