Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your rental periods?
A. Our backdrops are rented in weekly intervals, Monday to Monday.

Q. How do you fold a backdrop?
A. Folding a backdrop is very simple. We ask that you lay the drop out paint side up, then starting at the bottom of the drop, fold it in half, bringing the bottom of the drop to the top. Do this two more times. Then, working from each side, fold the sides into the center, which is marked by a “C” hashmark. This will be done 3 times then, fold one side over on top of the other. This makes a nice, tight rectangle that will fit easily back into the bag the drop shipped in. Click here to watch a fun video of the folding  procedure.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Q. Can I choose what day my backdrop arrives?
A. Our contracts are Monday to Monday. If the drop is in house and available, we do try to ship early, but we do not guarantee any other arrival date other than the Monday date specified on your contract.

Q.What shipping carrier do you use?
A. We ship via FedEx. FedEx has the best tracking system in the business! This allows us to track the backdrops to and from your location. It is of  the utmost importance to us to have your backdrops arrive on time.

Q. How are your drops hung?
A. All of our drops come with grommets and tie lines, spaced approximately 12-14 inches apart. We ask that you only hang the drop using the grommets and tie lines provided. Please do not pin, staple, tack or tape the drops at anytime.

Q. Why must my Nutcracker order be shipped overnight both ways?
A. Our Nutcracker backdrops are in such demand that our standard shipping procedures would greatly inhibit our ability to provide all the backdrops needed for this season. Every customer is charged overnight roundtrip shipping to ensure prompt delivery no later than Wednesday of the performance week, with return scheduled for the following Monday. We are continuing to augment our Nutcracker inventory with the goal to eventually eliminate the need for overnight shipping.

Q. Why don’t you rent out your show package backdrops individually?
A. Our show package backdrops are designed to give the director/producer a coordinated set of backdrops. Obviously for some shows, certain scenes are more important or popular than others. To ensure the entire package of backdrops is available for groups wanting to rent the entire set, we do not rent the backdrops individually. However we do have a few packages that we allow to be rented individually and this is noted in the details of that package. Also, we are working hard to replicate the most popular drops in our packages so we can offer them individually. If you wish to rent individual backdrops, please check our “Show Suggestions” page. If you are having a hard time finding a drop you need, please call or email us and our staff would be happy to assist you.