Show: 42nd Street



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "42nd Street"
42nd Street Package 1 17x43
D042 Railroad Terminal
10 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "42nd Street"
D011 Musical Notes
63 Musical Notes
16.8h x 44.2w
D022 Art Deco Abstract
73 Art Deco Abstract
17.1h x 39w
D042 Railroad Terminal
89 Railroad Terminal
16.1h x 40.8w
D102 Brick Wall Alleyway
1523 Brick Wall Alleyway
17h x 46.3w
D105 Brick Wall Alleyway
144 Brick Wall Alleyway
19h x 47.8w
D110 Brick Wall Alleyway
149 Brick Wall Alleyway
19.4h x 48w
D1118 City at Night
1977 City at Night
17h x 45w
D1199 Brick Wall
2119 Brick Wall
20h x 50w
D143 Broadway
180 Broadway
17.1h x 47.4w
D303 Broadway Sign Collage
329 Broadway Sign Collage
18.11h x 48.4w
D305 Pretty Lady Drop
331 Pretty Lady Drop
17.1h x 41.1w
D306 Tile Wall Interior
332 Tile Wall Interior
17h x 41.11w
D307 Coin Stacks Drop
333 Coin Stacks Drop
16.11h x 41.8w
D318 42nd Street
1548 42nd Street
16.8h x 43w
D339 Dames Night Club Legs
1550 Dames Night Club Legs
16.8h x 7.8w
D342 Coin Stack Legs
362 Coin Stack Legs
17.2h x 7.7w
D343 Broadway Sign Collage
363 Broadway Sign Collage
16.9h x 42.1w
D344 Broadway Sign Collage
364 Broadway Sign Collage
16.11h x 42.1w
D348 Coin Stacks Backdrop
368 Coin Stacks Backdrop
17h x 41.8w
D349 Art Deco Night Club
369 Art Deco Night Club
17.2h x 46.3w
D353 Coin Stack Legs
373 Coin Stack Legs
16.1h x w
D358 Neon City
377 Neon City
19.6h x 49.6w
D374 Musical Instruments
392 Musical Instruments
16.1h x 44.2w
D381 City at Night
398 City at Night
16.11h x 43.6w
D404 Neon City
418 Neon City
16.11h x 44.8w
D444 Broadway
452 Broadway
16.9h x 44.1w
D456 Musical Notes
463 Musical Notes
16.7h x 43.8w
D468 Broadway
465 Broadway
19.3h x 46.6w
D487 Art Deco Nightclub
478 Art Deco Nightclub
19.6h x 47.1w
D491 Broadway
480 Broadway
19.2h x 48w
D552 Cool Jazz
499 Cool Jazz
19.4h x 48.3w
D553 Cool Jazz
500 Cool Jazz
17h x 44.6w
D720 Pretty Lady Scrim
1426 Pretty Lady Scrim
20h x 47.6w
D797 Broadway Theatres
1448 Broadway Theatres
19.2h x 49.1w
D798 Broadway Theatres
1449 Broadway Theatres
18h x 43.6w
D814 Feather Fan Drop
1455 Feather Fan Drop
16.1h x 44.6w
D839 City at Night
1472 City at Night
19.4h x 48.1w
D840 City at Night
1564 City at Night
16.8h x 44w
D950 City at Night
1495 City at Night
19.4h x 48.4w
D951 City at Night
1496 City at Night
19.4h x 49w
D952 City at Night
1572 City at Night
19.5h x 49.4w
D953 City at Night
1497 City at Night
16.9h x 44.7w