Show: Bye Bye Birdie



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "Bye Bye Birdie"
Bye Bye Birdie Package 1 17x45
Bye Bye Birdie Act Curtain
7 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Bye Bye Birdie"
D042 Railroad Terminal
89 Railroad Terminal
16.1h x 40.8w
D057 Secretary Office
102 Secretary Office
17h x 36w
D104 Store Fronts
143 Store Fronts
17.9h x 37.9w
D1089 Backstage
2048 Backstage
20h x 50w
D131 Office TAB
169 Office TAB
17.6h x 26.3w
D205 Living Room Interior
238 Living Room Interior
16.11h x 42.3w
D219 Town Square
252 Town Square
16.11h x 42.3w
D266 Sleazy Night Club
298 Sleazy Night Club
16.1h x 41w
D267 Beige Ballroom
23 Beige Ballroom
16.9h x 41.9w
D269 Yonkers Train Station
300 Yonkers Train Station
17.9h x 41.7w
D291 Backstage
319 Backstage
16.8h x 41.6w
D293 Courtroom
25 Courtroom
16.11h x 41.1w
D328 Town Square
350 Town Square
16.8h x 42w
D347 Town Square
367 Town Square
16.3h x 42.3w
D354 Town Square
374 Town Square
19.5h x 45.1w
D355 Town Square Backdrop
375 Town Square Backdrop
16.1h x 42w
D429 High School Gymnasium
439 High School Gymnasium
16.11h x 47.5w
D473 Living Room
466 Living Room
17h x 44.8w
D584 Gymnasium
1395 Gymnasium
16.1h x 44.2w
D742 Backstage
1439 Backstage
19.4h x 49.7w
D919 Town Square
1946 Town Square
20h x 50w
D920 Town Square
1947 Town Square
17h x 45w
D976 Beige Ballroom
51 Beige Ballroom
19.4h x 49.6w