Show: Fiddler on the Roof



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "Fiddler on the Roof"
Fiddler on the Roof Package 1
D015 Sunrise Sunset
4 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Fiddler on the Roof"
D015 Sunrise Sunset
67 Sunrise Sunset
17.2h x 47.6w
D016 Sunrise Sunset
1513 Sunrise Sunset
16.11h x 47.6w
D037 Cottage Interior
84 Cottage Interior
17.9h x 37.4w
D039 Inn Interior
86 Inn Interior
19h x 45.8w
D041 Village Street Scene
88 Village Street Scene
17.7h x 37.2w
D073 Cottage Interior
116 Cottage Interior
17.5h x 45.5w
D106 Inn Interior
145 Inn Interior
17h x 47.4w
D279 Village
309 Village
17.1h x 41.6w
D317 Cottage Interior
341 Cottage Interior
17.1h x 47w
D362 Autumn Foliage Portal
381 Autumn Foliage Portal
16.9h x 42.1w
D398 Village
415 Village
16.9h x 36.7w
D411 Cottage Interior
423 Cottage Interior
16.7h x 42.6w
D442 Cottage Interior
1558 Cottage Interior
19.5h x 49.7w
D489 Inn Interior
479 Inn Interior
16.9h x 44.4w
D832 Inn Interior
1465 Inn Interior
16.1h x 44.5w
D833 Inn Interior
1466 Inn Interior
19.3h x 48.1w
D834 Inn Interior
1467 Inn Interior
19.4h x 49w
D836 Barn Interior
1469 Barn Interior
19.1h x 49.2w
D985 Cottage Interior
1579 Cottage Interior
19.6h x 49.8w