Show: Grease



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "Grease"
Grease Package 1 20x50
ED636 Yearbook Act Curtain SCRIM
7 drops in this package
Grease Package 2 16x44
ED465 Yearbook Border Legs
9 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Grease"
D028 City Park
77 City Park
17.4h x 40.2w
D046 High School Hallway
94 High School Hallway
17.6h x 39.8w
D090 The Park
131 The Park
19.3h x 48.6w
D104 Store Fronts
143 Store Fronts
17.9h x 37.9w
D115 Soda Shop Interior
153 Soda Shop Interior
11.1h x 34.8w
D135 Bedroom
172 Bedroom
16.1h x 42.3w
D142 High School Hallway
179 High School Hallway
17h x 44.4w
D205 Living Room Interior
238 Living Room Interior
16.11h x 42.3w
D223 Brick Gymnasium
256 Brick Gymnasium
16.9h x 42.3w
D274 Bedroom
304 Bedroom
17h x 43w
D301 Soda Shop
327 Soda Shop
16.1h x 44.4w
D429 High School Gymnasium
439 High School Gymnasium
16.11h x 47.5w
D584 Gymnasium
1395 Gymnasium
16.1h x 44.2w
D740 High School Hallway
1438 High School Hallway
16.11h x 44.5w
D750 Drive In Theater
1441 Drive In Theater
19.4h x 49.9w