Show: Mary Poppins



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "Mary Poppins"
Mary Poppins Package 1 20x50
ED1000 Mary Poppins Act Curtain
10 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Mary Poppins"
D028 City Park
77 City Park
17.4h x 40.2w
D088 Old English Rooftops
130 Old English Rooftops
18.3h x 40.1w
D090 The Park
131 The Park
19.3h x 48.6w
D1002 Spring Time Park
1517 Spring Time Park
17h x 45w
D1036 Rooftops
1532 Rooftops
17h x 45w
D1098 Rooftops
2030 Rooftops
20h x 50w
D1099 Springtime Park
2032 Springtime Park
20h x 50w
D1100 Bank Interior
2034 Bank Interior
20h x 50w
D1101 Corey's Shoppe
2035 Corey's Shoppe
20h x 50w
D187 Central Park
221 Central Park
17h x 43w
D380 Garden Scene
397 Garden Scene
15.7h x 33w
D405 Park with Gazebo
419 Park with Gazebo
14.1h x 43.1w
D406 Garden with Statue
420 Garden with Statue
14.11h x 43.9w
D441 Formal Garden Scene
450 Formal Garden Scene
18.9h x 47.11w
D594 Starry Night
1398 Starry Night
17.1h x 49.3w
D648 Park with Bridge
1409 Park with Bridge
19.3h x 46.6w
D978 Town Park
1508 Town Park
19.5h x 48.11w
D979 Ice Cream Social
1509 Ice Cream Social
20h x 49.6w
D980 Rooftops
1510 Rooftops
20h x 49.6w