Show: Romeo and Juliet


Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Romeo and Juliet"
D021 Church Interior Gothic
72 Church Interior Gothic
16.6h x 39.6w
D107 European Village
146 European Village
17.8h x 41.1w
D156 Stone Arch Portal
193 Stone Arch Portal
17h x 43.3w
D167 Italian Village
203 Italian Village
16.7h x 41.1w
D190 Throne Room
224 Throne Room
17h x 42.4w
D191 Great Hall
225 Great Hall
17.11h x 42.5w
D193 Courtyard
227 Courtyard
17h x 41.6w
D202 Church Interior
236 Church Interior
17.1h x 42.1w
D368 Great Hall Portal
386 Great Hall Portal
17h x 40.1w
D737 Church Portal
1435 Church Portal
17h x 44.8w