Show: Sound of Music



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "Sound of Music"
Sound of Music Package 1 17x43
D084 Abbey Gardens
6 drops in this package
Sound of Music Premium Pkg 1
ED1115 Von Trapp Mansion Int Portal
8 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Sound of Music"
D021 Church Interior Gothic
72 Church Interior Gothic
16.6h x 39.6w
D069 Mountain Scene
113 Mountain Scene
17.3h x 43.1w
D084 Abbey Gardens
126 Abbey Gardens
17h x 44w
D1023 Mountainside
1527 Mountainside
22h x 50w
D1047 Cathedral TAB
1537 Cathedral TAB
20h x 27w
D1048 Castle Interior
1538 Castle Interior
20h x 50w
D1069 Mansion Interior
1963 Mansion Interior
20h x 50w
D1094 Swiss Alps
2009 Swiss Alps
20h x 50w
D1095 Swiss Alps
2046 Swiss Alps
20h x 50w
D134 Church Portal
171 Church Portal
19h x 48.6w
D144 Swiss Alps
181 Swiss Alps
16.1h x 44w
D156 Stone Arch Portal
193 Stone Arch Portal
17h x 43.3w
D201 Swiss Alps
235 Swiss Alps
16.11h x 42.7w
D202 Church Interior
236 Church Interior
17.1h x 42.1w
D203 Church Portal
237 Church Portal
17.2h x 42.1w
D288 Swiss Alps
316 Swiss Alps
16.9h x 41.5w
D333 Mansion Interior
26 Mansion Interior
16.9h x 41.11w
D376 Swiss Alps
1552 Swiss Alps
16.6h x 39.7w
D380 Garden Scene
397 Garden Scene
15.7h x 33w
D441 Formal Garden Scene
450 Formal Garden Scene
18.9h x 47.11w
D737 Church Portal
1435 Church Portal
17h x 44.8w
D884 Stained Glass Tab
1951 Stained Glass Tab
17h x 25w
D921 Blue Draped Ballroom
35 Blue Draped Ballroom
19.3h x 48.11w
D954 Palace Interior
1944 Palace Interior
20h x 50w
D957 Stained Glass TAB
1956 Stained Glass TAB
20h x 27w