Theme: School Interiors and Exteriors

The following backdrops are associated with the theme "School Interiors and Exteriors"
D046 High School Hallway
94 High School Hallway
17.6h x 39.8w
D080 Library
122 Library
19.6h x 45.2w
D085 Library Interior
127 Library Interior
17.9h x 36.4w
D142 High School Hallway
179 High School Hallway
17h x 44.4w
D223 Brick Gymnasium
256 Brick Gymnasium
16.9h x 42.3w
D261 Library Interior
1545 Library Interior
17.1h x 43.8w
D270 School Room
301 School Room
16.11h x 42.8w
D429 High School Gymnasium
439 High School Gymnasium
16.11h x 47.5w
D584 Gymnasium
1395 Gymnasium
16.1h x 44.2w
D740 High School Hallway
1438 High School Hallway
16.11h x 44.5w
D924 Office Corridor
1570 Office Corridor
17h x 45w
D925 Office Corridor
1571 Office Corridor
19.9h x 49.8w