Show: Lion King



The following backdrop packages are associated with the show "Lion King"
Lion King Package 1 16x44
ED1011 Scar's Cave
5 drops in this package

Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Lion King"
D015 Sunrise Sunset
67 Sunrise Sunset
17.2h x 47.6w
D016 Sunrise Sunset
1513 Sunrise Sunset
16.11h x 47.6w
D018 Jungle with Waterfall
69 Jungle with Waterfall
17.1h x 38.1w
D1033 Savannah
1531 Savannah
17h x 45w
D1044 Pride Rock
1535 Pride Rock
20h x 50w
D1046 Savannah
1536 Savannah
20h x 50w
D1102 Tropical Island
2040 Tropical Island
20h x 50w
D1201 Jungle Legs
2128 Jungle Legs
17h x 45w
D180 Rolling Fields
215 Rolling Fields
17h x 44w
D209 Rolling Hills
242 Rolling Hills
16.9h x 41.8w
D402 Jungle
1555 Jungle
14.6h x 38.8w
D438 Jungle with Waterfall
448 Jungle with Waterfall
19.1h x 47.8w
D915 Jungle Paradise
1483 Jungle Paradise
20.5h x 49.2w
D941 Forest Border Legs
1486 Forest Border Legs
19.3h x 49.3w